Network Cloud company Alkira has announced the expansion of its on-demand Cloud Network-as-a-Service (CNaaS) to extend cloud connectivity to any network.

According to the company, the Cloud Backbone-as-a-Service (CBaaS) connects core data centers to edge or remote sites worldwide, and to any multi-cloud, in minutes and hours compared to six to 18 months.

The Alkira Cloud Services Exchange (CSX) CBaaS is a global high-speed, low-latency backbone that interconnects users, sites and clouds with segmentation.

Customers can expand backbone network capacity as needed for every site on-demand, while reducing costs by avoiding legacy hardware builds and extensive training.

As part of Alkira’s Network Cloud, the CBaaS also includes integrated network and security services, and end-to-end visibility, control and governance.

The Alkira CSX routed Cloud Backbone-as-a-Service connects on-premises sites (branches and data centers), remote users Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and clouds (hybrid and multi-cloud).

It also connects regionalized SD-WAN islands from the same vendor or different SD-WAN vendors. It includes advanced routing controls, end-to-end segmentation and built in path redundancy.

Further, the Alkira CSX routed Cloud Backbone-as-a-Service integrates firewall security with elastic auto-scaling based on real-time application demand.

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