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Alluxio 2.4 Community And Enterprise Edition Now Available


Data platform teams can now save on infrastructure and operational costs, while managing data access across multiple environments. Alluxio has announced the immediate availability of the latest release of its Data Orchestration platform.

The release features an expanded metadata service, a new management console for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, and more cloud native deployments.

At the core of the Alluxio Data Orchestration Platform is a metadata service, a scalable, distributed data service for management across multiple sources. These include traditional Hadoop-based data lakes on-premises or modern cloud-based data lakes.

Alluxio has added new capabilities to unify data lakes at ‘enormous’ scale, both in data size and number of files. The company has expanded this service to provide support for billions of files while removing third-party system dependencies.

Breaking away from dependencies on traditional Hadoop components, Alluxio has bolstered support for cloud native and container-based deployments.

Further, the Alluxio Data Orchestration Hub is a new web-based management console that makes it easy to connect an analytics or ML clusters with multiple data sources to unify data lakes.

Based on Terraform, Alluxio now makes it easy to launch pre-configured clusters programmatically using a single command.

Alluxio now also integrates with Vault for secure management of sensitive information for data access with dynamic infrastructure across multiple clouds and on-premises environments.

Alluxio 2.4 adds several system enhancements to simplify and improve cluster management and maintenance. The system provides an aggregated cluster view of key performance metrics like I/O throughput and metadata request rate through the UI and programmatic monitoring endpoints.

Alluxio 2.4 also provides compatibility with Java 11 while maintaining support for Java 8.

Alluxio 2.4 Community and Enterprise Edition are now generally available.