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Cloud Foundry Foundation Announces Project Updates


The Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF) has announced the release of version 1.0 of cf-for-k8s, the release of version 2.5 of KubeCF, and the release of version 4.2 of Stratos.

Launched in April, cf-for-k8s is a Kubernetes-native distribution of Cloud Foundry. The project blends the Cloud Foundry developer API with popular Kubernetes technologies including Istio, Envoy, Fluentd, and Kubernetes itself.

Developers can install cf-fork-8s in less than 10 minutes on any conformant Kubernetes cluster, and is lightweight enough to be deployed on a laptop.

Donated to the Cloud Foundry Foundation as an incubating project in March, KubeCF is an open source distribution of Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes, packaged as a Helm chart.

KubeCF runs all the same software that runs in “traditional” VM-based Cloud Foundry clusters, and the developer experience is identical. From a platform operator’s perspective, KubeCF is deployed and configured using Helm.

Stratos is a web-based management console, initially intended to manage Cloud Foundry clusters, aimed at fulfilling the needs of both developers and administrators.

This new release adds support for both native Kubernetes clusters and Helm chart repositories. It provides a visual user interface to complement the corresponding CLI tools, allowing end users to perform many of their day-to-day tasks straight from the web browser.

“Today, our community unveils new project releases that mark a turning point for the Cloud Foundry project. Since its inception, the Cloud Foundry community’s mission has been to make developers’ lives easier. This has never been more important, as the rise of Kubernetes to become the de facto standard for modern infrastructure has brought both powerful possibilities and challenging complexities to developers,” said Chip Childers, executive director, Cloud Foundry Foundation.