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Alternative Cloud Providers Can Help MSPs Grow Their Business Faster Than Hyperscalers | Richard Tubb


Linode recently released an ebook called The MSP’s Guide to Modern Cloud Infrastructure, which aims to help raise awareness of alternative clouds for managed service providers (MSPs). More than 30% of current cloud spending goes to alternative cloud providers, yet many MSPs are not aware of the phrase. The author, Richard Tubb, an MSP expert who ran his own MSP for many years, aims to help IT business owners avoid the mistakes he made while introducing them to the benefits and opportunities of alternative cloud providers.

In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, Swapnil Bhartiya sits down with Tubb, to discuss alternative cloud providers like Linode. He shares the insights of his ebook and goes into the challenges MSPs are facing on a day-to-day basis.

Key highlights of this video interview are:

  • Tubb used to run a managed service provider business in the UK, but after selling the company in 2011, he has focused on helping other IT business owners avoid the mistakes he made. He shares his experience and what his current focuses are.
  • Typically, MSPs used to be in the I.T. support arena, outsourcing I.T. support for small businesses in the UK. However, Tubb explains that the managed services model can be applied to businesses of any size. He goes on to tell us the benefits to the end users to utilize MSPs.
  • Tubb feels that although the technology has evolved over the years, the advice he would give to businesses remains the same. The Work From Home initiative in March 2020 meant that many businesses were contacting MSPs to move to cloud but this was a stressful time for MSPs. Tubb shares some of the challenges they faced in the early days of WFH and how many businesses who were reluctant to adopt new technologies now see it as a business enabler.
  • Security is a huge challenge for MSPs, something that is discussed in the ebook. Tubb explains why MSPs need partners to be able to cope with these challenges. He feels that end users are becoming more aware of the risks and that it is not just big companies being targeted nowadays. He tells us that more end users are reaching out to their MSPs for advice.
  • With COVID and the economic recession in some countries, many clients are looking to reduce their IT costs. The Linode ebook highlights that while MSPs take on solutions and services that have a low headline cost, they can be expensive to support on an ongoing basis. Tubb explains that MSPs now have a tight relationship with alternative cloud providers and the benefits this brings to lowering costs for supporting a solution.
  • The goal of the ebook is to raise awareness about alternative clouds. More than 30% of current cloud spending goes to alternative cloud providers, yet many MSPs are not aware of the phrase or the opportunities that the alternative cloud brings. Tubb tells us that many MSPs just go with the big three cloud providers, not being aware of the benefits of the alternative cloud.
  • Alternative cloud providers can help you to reduce the cost of support, in order to increase profits. Tubb feels there is a strong relationship between alternative cloud providers and MSPs, where they can help you get started with cloud and you will have a partner to help you scale up. Tubb discusses the benefits of alternative cloud providers, not only for MSPs but also for the end user.

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The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.