Axis Security has announced a host of new enhancements to one of its four key Security Service Edge (SSE) modules – the Atmos ZTNA solution which secures access between authorized users and specific internal applications. The company also announced a slew of new tools to help companies easily migrate away from cumbersome ZTNA 1.0 solutions.

To make it easy for enterprise teams to migrate from ZTNA 1.0 to the Atmos ZTNA service, Axis has launched the ZTNA migration tool. The migration tool takes application segments developed in Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) and converts them to Atmos ZTNA applications. The customer then uses the service’s simple policy system to define policy – all within just a few minutes.

In conjunction with the migration tool, Axis has also launched the ZTNA buyout program where ZTNA 1.0 customers receive up to 6 months of free service when they replace their ZTNA service and agree to a 3-year Atmos Core Edition subscription. Any enterprise who signs up will also receive the Atmos Web Gateway module, as well.

A new multi-cloud PoP resolution capability allows Atmos to automatically select the most optimal connectivity path, and auto-select the AWS, Google or Oracle PoP for brokering – by using latency telemetry. So if AWS goes down, either of the other two cloud providers can be used to broker connectivity – or vice versa.

Axis also added in auto-session termination where Atmos uses its continuous monitoring capability to terminate live sessions if identity, or user group, changes take place.

Lastly, the company added enhanced telemetry to its Atmos Agent. Within the unified Atmos Dashboard IT admins can now view a “Live” device posture status, as well as auto-detect jailbroken end user devices. Each of these are critical in the world of work from anywhere, and are industry-firsts.

Axis added a new Additional Domain Discovery tool that auto-discovers all unknown related domains when onboarding internal applications, like Outlook, and allows IT to easily add to the application’s policy.

All of these Atmos ZTNA capabilities and announcements are now generally available.

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