Ambassador Labs has announced a strategic partnership with Docker that is designed to make it easy for developer teams to build, test and deliver apps at scale across Kubernetes. The new Telepresence for Docker accelerates development workflows by enabling Docker users to easily connect their local dev environment to a Kubernetes cluster in the cloud, providing developers with local access to remote services and the ability to securely share access across teams and stakeholders to local work-in-progress that is integrated with the remote application.

Telepresence for Docker seamlessly bridges remote environments with local development toolchains, fostering developer teamwork for a fast, collaborative way to test code locally as part of a real-world application running on Kubernetes and see the effects of code changes within the full context of the distributed application. Support for remote and local developer workflows eliminates troubleshooting obstacles and improves productivity, ensuring faster time to value with the freedom to continue using their own local tools.

Key features and benefits of Telepresence for Docker include:

● Code and test services easily and quickly. Developers benefit from a two-way network proxy that can intercept application requests and responses and route traffic between remote Kubernetes clusters and containers running on local developer machines. This increases the velocity of both individual developers and development teams, as they can see the results of any local code changes running against remote dependencies in real time.
● Reduce maintenance and cloud costs. Platform engineers can define, configure and manage shared remote clusters that allow multiple Telepresence for Docker users to interact in real time on day-to-day development and testing workflows. This removes the need for each developer to have access to an individually -customized remote dev environment, saving cloud costs and reducing the maintenance overhead for platform engineers.
● Collaborative cloud development. Developers can easily and quickly connect applications built locally into a shared development environment with the power to interact, intercept and reroute traffic on-demand. This enables teams and stakeholders to collaborate effectively and get a secure, accurate view of how changes look in real-time.

Users can buy Telepresence directly from Docker, and log into the Ambassador Cloud platform to gain the benefits of Telepresence using existing Docker ID and credentials. Installation and product support is also available from your current Docker support and services team.

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