Postman has announced the general availability of Postman Flows, a visual tool for creating API applications. Postman Flows simplifies building software by using APIs as the building blocks, allowing anyone to produce workflows, integrations, and automations in a collaborative environment without needing to write a single line of code.

With Postman Flows, the company is leaning into demand for a low-code solution that lets people build software without extensive programming experience. Using tens of thousands of readily available APIs, business users can manipulate data with API calls and create workflows. This allows everyone, from financial analysts and customer service agents to senior business leaders, to devise solutions to problems they encounter every day.

Postman Flows makes it simple to construct API applications without needing to write code or fiddle with a command line. Inspired by the concept of “blocks” to form and visualize an application, users simply drag the blocks, build the application, and deploy the workflow.

Postman Flows leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to enable users to manipulate data returned by APIs by simply typing out what they want to do in natural language, making it easy for all. Hundreds of thousands of users have already built API applications using Postman Flows during its beta program.

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