Anomaly Software, a deep software engineering company, aims to understand technologies and then lend it to its customers to build products for them as well as using the revenue to pursue products and services of its own. The company has partnered with Linode for a number of years using its infrastructure to deploy its solutions.

In this episode of TFiR Linode Success Stories, Swapnil Bhartiya sat down with Dev Mukherjee, CEO of Anomaly Software, to discuss the projects they are working on with Linode and what factors influenced their decision to partner with the company. Mukherjee says, “It’s a wonderful relationship with them. We can get support and it works well for us and our customers.”

Key takeaways from this video interview are:

  • Anomaly Software is deeply invested in open source technologies. They have used those technologies to deploy solutions in healthcare, tertiary education and universities. Their entire stack is open source using Linux, Python, React, and PostgreSQL, among others.
  • Anomaly Software initially went into virtualized hosting because others were not offering this in Australia. Anomaly Software came across Linode and started using its infrastructure to deploy workloads.
  • Anomaly Software is working on an EV charging concierge using Linode, which focuses on queuing people up to use electric vehicle chargers around the world. They are also working on a large open source project to build a software infrastructure that local government customers can use to bring services online and be independent of a software vendor.
  • One of the key reasons why Anomaly Software endorses Linode is because of its excellent customer support and human communication. They have found that any support tickets that are logged are dealt with by a team member with the technical knowledge to resolve the problem quickly.
  • Mukherjee feels that the business values of both companies are aligned as they are both built out of cash flow. The partnership is more personal than would otherwise be with one of the big players.
  • Although Linode is known as an alternative cloud provider, Anomaly Software feels there is a value proposition that the company brings to the table. Anomaly Software feels that when they go to market Linode has their back and will support them.

Guest: Dev Mukherjee (LinkedIn)
Company: Anomaly Software (Twitter)
Show: Success Stories
Keyword: Open Source Technologies

About Dev Mukherjee: Dev started Anomaly, after graduating from University to pursue his love of working with open source technologies. He spends his time building foundational technologies that sets Anomaly apart, and gives our customers the technological edge. Dev’s adjunct role at the University let’s students benefit from our entire company’s experience.

About Anomaly Software: Anomaly is a close-knit team of software engineers solving problems in the digital space with work spanning higher education, healthcare, local government, and other industries. Anomaly builds dependable ecosystems by producing scalable backends that work seamlessly with their interfaces, resulting in the creation and maintenance of delightful experiences.

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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