Applitools has announced integrations with GitHub, GitHub Actions, and the Microsoft Visual Studio App Center. The integrations allow developers to add Visual AI-powered testing to every build and pull request (PR), resulting in “greater UI version control and improved developer workflows”.

In addition to the testing process improvements, the integrations enable developers to easily and quickly correlate code changes with UI/UX updates for Visual UI version control across web and mobile apps, using any testing framework and programming language.

When feature branches are created, Applitools instantly mirrors the feature branch to allow a new set of baseline images. This process simplifies the automated testing of all feature branches without impacting the trunk and its tests.

As PRs are merged back in, the integration automatically updates the target branch with the source branch’s baseline images while ensuring that no conflicts exist between branches, eliminating test maintenance overhead.

With GitHub Actions, developers get automation directly within their workflow. Now developers can automate visual testing for their code by integrating Applitools through a GitHub Actions workflow. From there, they can address and resolve regressions by using Applitools root cause analysis capabilities.

Applitools Eyes along with the new GitHub integrations is available for free for open source projects hosted on GitHub using the Applitools Open Source plan.

With Visual Studio App Center, developers get streamlined workflows for mobile apps including automated UI testing.

In addition to the GitHub and Microsoft integrations, Applitools has also joined the GitHub Partner Program as a Technology Partner.

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