Aqua Security has announced that its cloud native security platform now protects containers and Virtual Machine (VM) workloads at runtime on Arm-powered devices.

This enables Aqua customers to take advantage of the cost-effectiveness provided by Arm-powered hosts and devices across cloud infrastructure, edge and IoT platforms, including the new AWS Graviton2 instances from AWS.

As the number of Arm-powered services in the cloud native and IoT compute spaces increases, Aqua customers will enjoy continued choice for optimizing the cost and performance of their cloud native applications, while enjoying unified, consistent security across all architectures.

The Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform provides a complete solution to secure cloud native application, from the build phase, through to protecting the infrastructure they run on, to runtime protection of workloads in production.

The platform protects the full spectrum of technologies from VMs to containers, Kubernetes, and serverless functions, across all platforms and clouds.

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