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Arista Networks has announced enhancements to Arista CloudEOS, providing native support for AWS Transit Gateway Connect.

The integration of CloudEOS with AWS Transit Gateway Connect enables enterprise networks to easily connect Amazon VPCs hosted on AWS to enterprise campus, branch, cloud, and data center networks across the private WAN or public Internet connections.

The CloudEOS product family now enables scalable and cost-effective internet working between on-premises networks and AWS services and networking architectures. Further, declarative provisioning enables AWS Transit Gateway Connect and CloudEOS to be deployed together using Hashicorp Terraform, Red Hat Ansible, or Amazon CloudFormation automation.

CloudEOS extends segmentation into existing environments such as data centers or other clouds using an overlay tunnel architecture.

Moreover, application performance and reliability is improved with Arista’s Dynamic Path Selection (DPS) which utilizes all active transit paths between clouds and on-premises facilities to achieve service level objectives in complex multi-path networks.

In conjunction with Arista’s CloudVision as-a-Service, CloudEOS delivers enhanced network visibility into Amazon VPCs and transit gateways used by AWS Transit Gateway Connect.

By integrating with AWS Transit Gateway Connect, CloudEOS can simplify remote site-to-cloud and site-to-site connectivity on AWS using Connect attachment APIs.

According to the company, this integration provides more provisioning, increased scalability, and a 400 percent increase in available bandwidth per attachment. This enhanced capability can provide up to 50 Gbps of bandwidth with fewer resources (tunnels), and subsequently lower cost.

CloudEOS is currently available in AWS Marketplace for Pay-As-You-Go elastic consumption, or as a BYOL offering. It includes Arista A-Care software support and access to CloudVision as-a-Service for automated configuration and provisioning.

Arista’s support for AWS Transit Gateway Connect will allow Arista to deliver this integration in 1H 2021.

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