Armory, the Continuous Deployment (CD) company, has announced its continued rapid growth in Q1 2023, driven by significant product innovation, community advancements and high customer satisfaction.

Armory remains dedicated to helping customers improve their developer experience, accelerate their software delivery strategy, reducing time-to-market and improving overall customer satisfaction. Recently, Armory and Tesouro shared a case study highlighting the improvements made possible through Armory’s Continuous Deployment-as-a-service solution. Results included a 50% reduction in deployment time, a 70% increase in deployment frequency and a 75% reduction in deployment errors among Armory clients.

Tesouro’s experience with CD-as-a-Service was also the subject of a joint webinar discussion from Armory and GitHub. Topics of discussion included how to help other companies accelerate time-to-market and create elite development through CD-as-a-Service and GitHub Actions.

Alongside customer satisfaction, Armory is also heavily invested in fostering the growth of the developer community at large. To help drive innovation and industry knowledge, Armory crew members Stephen Atwell and Dan Peach recently joined the Building SaaS on AWS webinar, in which they discussed best practices for deploying and managing software on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In addition to customer and community enrichment updates, the company focused heavily on product innovation last quarter.

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