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AWS Throws Its Weight Behind Rust Project


AWS is sponsoring the development of the Rust project, the security-focused programming language designed for writing and maintaining fast, reliable, and efficient code.

AWS, which the Rust project has used for years, announced that it’s sponsoring the project in the form of “promotional credits”. AWS will be making available these credits to the Rust team to rent AWS infrastructure and support the language’s development, ZDNet said in a report.

As the Rust project’s maintainers put it, AWS decided to sponsor Rust due to its blazingly fast and memory-efficient performance; its rich type system and ownership model guarantee memory-safety and thread-safety; its great documentation, its friendly compiler with useful error messages, and top-notch tooling; and more.

AWS said that it has seen considerable uptake since its first stable release four years ago, with tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla all using Rust. Rust has also seen lots of growth in AWS, with services such as Lambda, EC2, and S3 all choosing to use Rust in performance-sensitive components.

AWS added that it also open sourced the Firecracker microVM project!