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Bluespec releases ‘Piccolo’ RISC-V processors


Bluespec Inc. has released a new family of RISC-V open-source processors provided as a vehicle for open innovation in embedded systems. Piccolo is a 3-stage RV32IM processor whose small “footprint” is ideal for many IoT applications, according to the company.

The repository contains a royalty-free synthesizable Verilog core that can be easily integrated and deployed into an ASIC or FPGA. Bluespec, Inc. said that it would actively maintain Piccolo. It also offers commercial-grade tools for the customization and verification of RISC-V cores.

According to Charlie Hauck, CEO of Bluespec, reliable open-source RISC-V cores are portable across all technology platforms. “Companies need to make product and business decisions free from the constraining license and royalty terms of proprietary IP business models,” he added.

RISC-V has demonstrated that open collaboration can produce an industrial strength ISA. The independent RISC-V Foundation maintains the ISA and has over 100 members, including many notable high-tech companies. RISC-V dominates computer architecture research and is rapidly expanding as a vehicle for commercial innovation, according to the company.

Configurations will be continually added to provide the full spectrum of embedded controller features. Companies or universities interested in contributing to the Piccolo project should contact Bluespec, Inc.