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Open Source powers visual effects of Oscars winning movies


When James Cameron was working on Avatar, he went to Autodesk for the magical visual effects. In the past 20 years pretty much every movie that won an Oscar for visual effect used Autodesk software in some capacity.

Autodesk, like any other modern software vendor, is consuming a huge amount of open source. “I came to Autodesk to help them with their open source strategy,” said Guy Martin director of open source at Autodesk.

Martin was helping Autodesk in terms of how it contributes back more effectively to open source; how the company open sources its code. Sooner Martin realized that a lot of efforts were getting wasted as one team would decide to open source some code, work with legal only to find that the business unit saw no value in open sourcing it.

He worked together better synergy within the organization where more teams were involved before the matter was taken to the legal team.

As someone who has been part of the open source community for a very long time, Martin was aware of the fact that open source is as much about culture and people as it is about technology. He is helping build processes within Autodesk that make it easy for a developer to work with external open source projects, whether it’s about contributing the code or consuming the code.

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