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BMC Adds New Capabilities Across Its AMI And Compuware Portfolios


BMC has announced new capabilities and integrations across its BMC AMI (Automated Mainframe Intelligence) and BMC Compuware portfolios to help customers improve service quality and accelerate software delivery by providing greater data visibility and context-based insights across their IT environments.

The BMC Helix Discovery solution now automatically maps and visualizes service dependencies across mainframe and distributed environments using application network connection details sent from the BMC AMI Ops product. This allows users to prioritize problems according to the possible business impact. The added visibility and context across systems help enterprises resolve service issues faster and improve service quality.

The new BMC AMI Ops integration with Splunk, coupled with the BMC AMI Security integration, allows an extensive collection of enriched security data, operations, and performance information to be visible to security and operations teams.

This shared visibility, together with greater frame of reference, enables teams to surface and investigate threats that might have otherwise gone undetected before they impact business services.

The BMC Compuware zAdviser solution is the first to provide mainframe DevOps analytics for organizations that develop mainframe code. It is also the only solution that captures data on how mainframe developers develop their code and what features and functions they are employing during different software development life cycle stages. With the BMC Compuware zAdviser analytics and the new KPI dashboards for ISPW, Topaz, and Topaz Total Test, development teams can optimize the customer experience through new KPI metrics.

To help companies act on malicious events before a compromise can occur, the BMC AMI Security expert now allows organizations to secure privileged users and credentials through their preferred External Security Managers (ESMs) on the mainframe – giving security teams real-time visibility into who, when, and how z/OS is accessed.