Speech AI company Sonantic has joined hands with Mercedes-Benz AG on its latest technology platform for VISION EQXX, the company’s most efficient electric vehicle ever built. Mercedes-Benz AG presented the car earlier this week in a digital world premiere on the Mercedes me media online platform.

Sonantic’s technology creates hyper-realistic artificial voices that can be sculpted, edited and directed to sound just like a human voice. The proprietary technology focuses on the nuances of human speech — such as accents, pitch, pacing, and a full range of emotions and delivery styles — to create captivating, AI-generated voice performances.

Mercedes-Benz engineers worked with Sonantic to make its “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant emotional and expressive. With the help of machine learning, the car’s road trip sidekick has a distinctive character and personality, making the conversation between driver and car more natural and intuitive than ever before.

Zeena Qureshi, CEO of Sonantic, said, “Together, we are united in the belief that realistic, AI-generated voices can elevate the driver experience to a whole new level. I can’t think of a better way to showcase the future of voice than in the future of cars.”

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