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Cerbos Hub Helps Simplify Authorization Management


Cerbos, the stateless authorization software company, announced that Cerbos Hub is now in public beta. Cerbos Hub, formerly called Cerbos Cloud, is a managed service offering for the popular open source authorization product, Cerbos, now known as Cerbos Policy Decision Point (PDP). Cerbos PDP lets teams provide the right access to the right person and the right service, across any application and at web scale and is used by hundreds of organizations in production with hundreds of millions of authorization checks being done monthly.

Cerbos Hub is a management interface and policy distribution infrastructure for Cerbos PDP. Cerbos Hub simplifies the process of collaboratively authoring, testing and distributing authorization policy updates in real-time even to the edge and end client devices via its WebAssembly extension. It is a stateless, scalable and collaborative solution for teams who want to save time, streamline their workflows and confidently roll out authorization updates.

Cerbos Hub offers a range of powerful features that simplify authorization management:

  • The fully managed user interface handles the precise details of policy management and coordinates with the Cerbos PDP instances running inside the environment, without external dependencies, ensuring that the developer stays in control while maintaining low-latency authorization checks.
  • The PDP end points, powered by WebAssembly, enable embedded authorization at both edge locations and client devices using the same set policies as the authorization service deployments.
  • A collaborative policy playground lets users collectively iterate on policy, get real time feedback on changes and evaluate test suites right from the browser. Users can test the integration with their application without requiring any infrastructure or services.
  • The managed CI pipeline radically simplifies policy testing and distribution, and policies remain in the team’s GitHub repo which they can control and manage access to.