Cisco & Apple Want GDPR In America


As Europe starts making waves with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the world of technology, Cisco now follows Apple in calling for an American GDPR.

Cisco’s Chief Legal and Compliance Officer Mark Chandler is in no mood to make any friends in Silicon Valley as he clearly supports European-style regulations for more focused protections on data protection and privacy.

Chandler told the Financial Times that he believes the GDPR has worked out well and after some tweaking, the same rules should be brought to the US as well

At a privacy conference in Brussels in October last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the collection of huge amounts of personal data by companies is harming not just individuals but the entire society. He said that modern technology has led to today’s “data-industrial complex” in which everyday information including the private one is “weaponized against us with military efficiency.”

It remains to be seen if big tech companies like Apple and Cisco could make US more sensitive to privacy issues as Europeans and pave way for comprehensive privacy laws in US.