Cloudflare, CrowdStrike Holdings, and Ping Identity have announced a new Critical Infrastructure Defense Project to provide free cybersecurity services to particularly vulnerable industries, such as, U.S. hospitals, water and power utilities for at least the next four months. The project aims to help businesses and organizations better defend themselves against cyberattacks.

Eligible organizations will have access to the full suite of Cloudflare Zero Trust solutions, endpoint protection, and intelligence services from CrowdStrike, and Zero Trust identity solutions from Ping Identity.

The project follows recommendations from the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) to urge all U.S. businesses to adopt a heightened posture with cybersecurity, protecting their most critical assets. The advisory comes after calls for heightened cybersecurity vigilance following Russia’s attack on Ukraine and concern over retaliatory attacks on the U.S. over its support of Ukraine. The ‘Shield’s Up’ advisory listed recommendations for businesses and business leaders to help them better prepare for cyberattacks.

In order for U.S. hospitals, water and power utilities to take advantage of the project, they have been encouraged to visit the project site to learn about the Zero Trust security services available from Cloudflare, CrowdStrike, and Ping Identity.

In addition, they have been advised to review the Critical Infrastructure Defense checklist on the website, which aims to provide easy-to-follow actions that organizations can take in the short and long term to improve their cyber readiness. The companies have also recommended getting on-boarded onto Cloudflare’s, CrowdStrike’s, and Ping Identity’s solutions via the website.

By Emily Nicholls

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