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Coalesce recently announced its emergence from stealth and the launch of the Coalesce Data Transformation platform. In addition, Coalesce raised $5.92 million in seed funding led by 11.2 Capital and GreatPoint Ventures to revolutionize the data transformation space. The company plans to use the capital to advance the Coalesce platform while growing sales, marketing, engineering functions, and go-to-market strategy.

Unlike other tools on the market, Coalesce claims itself to be the first platform to combine the speed of an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), the flexibility of code, and the efficiency of automation for data transformations. This empowers data teams to make changes quickly and improve time to value, all with the freedom of code and customization at scale.

The Coalesce platform delivers increased efficiency for any data-related role whether it’s a data architect, engineer, or analyst; and also provides an intuitive and customizable interface to help engineers get complex data processes done in seconds while still providing the freedom of code and customization.

Coalesce’s column-aware architecture unlocks the ability to provide an interface, change management, lineage, and deployment plans that have never been possible before.

The Coalesce Data Transformation platform is GA-ready for select customers on Snowflake now.

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