Mirantis has launched a web-based SaaS application to help users deploy a compact cloud and experience the flexibility and agility of Infrastructure-as-Code. Model Designer for Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) is said to help infrastructure operators build customized, curated, exclusively open source configurations for on-premise cloud environments.

According to the company, Mirantis Cloud Platform employs a unique approach to deployment and management of on-premise cloud environments, where the entire cloud configuration is expressed as code in a highly granular fashion.

That configuration is then provided as input to a deployment tool, called DriveTrain, which validates the configuration data and deploys the cloud accordingly.

Model Designer will enable users to specify the degree of configurability they require for their on-premise cloud use case. With the basic configurability level (humorously called “I am too young to die”), Model Designer automatically pre-populates most of the cluster settings to default, pre-tested value.

Model Designer is now available.

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