In today’s episode, I sat down with Jeff Morris, VP Product & Solutions Marketing – Couchbase to cover two stories – Couchbase survey and availability of Couchbase Cloud on Microsoft Azure. These are the topics we covered in this episode:

• How often does Couchbase conduct these surveys and how often do you release these reports?
• Can you share some highlights of the survey?
• Have you seen any trends towards the adoption of SREs?
• What challenges companies face as they embark on their cloud native and digital transformation journey?
• How Couchbase uses this survey to influence its products and services?
• We then shifted gears and talked about the availability of Couchbase Cloud on Azure.
• Cloud Native, especially Kubernetes, is complicated. What role do you see of managed services or SaaS in helping customers move to the cloud without having to worry about complexity?
• Key benefits of Couchbase Cloud on Azure?
• What’s the difference between Couchbase Enterprise and Developer Pro editions?
• What open source components are you using in Couchbase Cloud?

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