Vercel, developers of Next.js, has announced The Vercel Agency Partner Program and Experts Marketplace, an ecosystem of frontend innovation leaders through which customers and partners can come together to accelerate frontend developers’ ability to enrich end users’ web experiences.

Companies working with Vercel Agency Partners and Experts are able to adopt best practices from the start, quickly remove barriers to success and successfully launch on time with confidence.

With a community of 500,000+ developers and exponential adoption growth, Next.js is the fastest growing frontend framework.

Vercel and its partners exited 2020 having enabled thousands of leading enterprises to develop websites that deliver business impact. With a global network of experts on modern web apps, Vercel and its partners are able to serve more customers and deliver better web experiences, at scale.

“This program gives our partners the sales, marketing and product enablement they need to deliver leading web experiences for clients and end-users,” said Vercel CEO Guillermo Rauch. “Together, we are committed to excellence in platform and service delivery, and this helps ensure that we consistently deliver on the same strong values and mission — to build a better web, together.”

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