Acryl Data, the company driving the DataHub Project, has secured $21 million in Series A funding led by Bhaskar Ghosh, Partner at 8VC with participation from Ram Shriram at Sherpalo Ventures and Guillermo Rauch, founder and CEO of Vercel. The funds will be used to deepen investments in customer success, accelerate development of its cloud offering and extend the vision of its product towards a control plane for data.

The latest round brings total funding to date to $30M. Acryl is led by co-founders Swaroop Jagadish, CEO, who previously led data platforms at Airbnb, and Shirshanka Das, CTO, who led the DataHub initiative at LinkedIn prior to the company making it open source.

“I would like to thank our team, our customers and the DataHub community, all of whom have been critical in the evolution of Acryl Data,” said Jagadish. “I am very excited about the innovations we have brought to market so far and enthusiastic about the road that lies ahead for Acryl as we work to deliver modern data management to the enterprise.”

Acryl’s product – Acryl Cloud – is an enterprise-ready data management platform powered by the open source DataHub Project. The team at Acryl leads the DataHub Project and Community with over 7,500 data practitioners, and enables practitioners to collaborate on industry-leading data management capabilities.

Introducing Acryl Observe
Acryl today also announced Acryl Observe – a new fully-integrated observability module designed to increase trust in an organization’s most important data assets and enhance data quality management. Acryl Observe gives users a single platform for data observability, governance, and discovery, bringing data producer and consumer teams closer together.

Driven by a central metadata control plane, Acryl Observe continuously monitors and detects data quality incidents in real-time, automates anomaly detection to prevent breakages and drives faster resolution when they do occur. Acryl Observe is currently in private beta and the company is actively working with design partners to prepare for its generally available launch later in 2023.

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