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Decodable Joins ‘Connect with Confluent’ CwC Technology Partner Program


Decodable, makers of the enterprise-ready stream processing platform built on Apache Flink and Debezium, has joined the Connect with Confluent (CwC) Partner Program to further support Confluent Cloud customers with their data streaming initiatives.

Recently launched in July, the CwC Partner Program extends the global data streaming ecosystem and brings Confluent Cloud data streams directly to developers’ doorsteps within the tools they are already using. When companies join the program, they become a part of the largest data streaming network, making it easier for their customers to use data streams and drive consumption for their services.

New members to the CwC partner program in Q4 include Amazon Athena, Bicycle, Datorios, Decodable, Gathr, Onibex, Pinecone, RisingWave, Timeplus, Upsolver, Weaviate and Zilliz. Visit the Confluent blog for an overview of the newest CwC Program members.

As a part of joining the CWC Partner Program, Decodable’s existing support for Confluent has been reviewed and validated by Confluent as following best practices for connectivity. Customers using Decodable to process data in Confluent Cloud or Confluent Platform have a mutually supported solution for real-time data.