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Gremlin Launches New Tools To Help Large Enterprises Improve Software Reliability


Gremlin, provider of chaos engineering and reliability management software, has launched a suite of tools that allows cloud architects and other centers of excellence leaders to define customized software reliability standards and measure progress towards them.

“Test suites provide organizations the ability to measure and enforce their own reliability standard,” said Kolton Andrus, CTO and founder of Gremlin. “We make it very simple to build and roll these out to teams so they can execute these tests in a single click. Our reporting gives leadership visibility into their coverage, the risks in their systems, and which teams are making progress week over week.”

New Capabilities and Benefits

  • Custom test suites—Define a suite of tests to set a consistent standard of reliability across services. These test suites can be designed to meet compliance requirements, ensure resilience to past outages or scale organizational best-practices.
  • Custom reliability scoring—Compare results from test suites across all services and systems to understand how they measure up to those standards, and how that is changing over time.
  • Custom enterprise-wide dashboards—Gain visibility into software reliability risks at the service, team and organizational levels with aggregated reliability scoring and risk data.

The new features work hand-in-hand with Detected Risks, a feature announced earlier this summer. Detected Risks supports executive leadership, SREs, platform engineers and cloud engineering teams in finding and fixing the most common hidden risks that can negatively impact reliability. The entire team can use it to see these risks across the organization, quickly identify who is responsible for fixing them and track how many of them have been resolved.