It’s no secret that Dell’s XPS 13 is the best light and thin model around, not just to run Windows but also Linux. Listening to the popular demand, Dell is bringing the Developer Edition to Europe.

Project Sputnik lead Barton George said in a blog post that the Developer Edition of the 8th generation XPS 13 (9380) is now available across the US, Europe and Canada. For the uninitiated, Project Sputnik is Dell’s skunkworks initiative driven by input from the developer community.

The latest version comes pre-loaded with Ubuntu Linux. It has improved specs to offer to Linux users. The specific delight is the webcam; the new 9380 has the camera on the top of the display rather than the bottom as featured in the 9370. So users can expect a much more flattering view while experiencing the system’s sleek, compact design.

A quick look at the 9380’s specs
• Intel 8th generation i3, i5 and i7 processors (Intel Whiskey Lake U, 15W, non-vPro)
• Ubuntu 18.04 LTS preloaded
• InfinityEdge display with top camera placement
• Easier to open
• FHD and UHD resolution support
• Up to 16GB of LPDDR3 memory at 2133MHz
• 1 x NVMe slot for 2230-128GB / 2280 up to 2TB
• Thunderbolt 3 (x2) with USB3.1 Gen2 + type-C x1 with USB3.1 Gen2 speed
• Improved Thunderbolt runtime power management
• Killer® 1435 802.11ac [2×2] + Bluetooth 4.2

You can purchase your own Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition (9380) laptop here. Dell has different configurations to offer to its users, which include options for processors, RAM, storage, and resolution.

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