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Demo: Cloud Foundry Korifi And Its Benefits With Kubernetes


Guests: Chris Clark (LinkedIn) | Ram Iyengar (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Organization: Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF) (Twitter)

Cloud Foundry has been the industry standard for application platforms for years. It enjoyed widespread adoption across industries. Then came containers and Kubernetes emerged as the de facto container orchestration tool. In fact, it now has the same level of dominance as the Linux kernel.

However, Kubernetes is notoriously known for its complexity and there has been a growing demand for a Cloud Foundry-like experience on top of Kubernetes. The Cloud Foundry Community has been working on building bridges between the two dominant open source projects hosted by the Linux Foundation. Next week at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF) will showcase its Korifi project, an implementation of the Cloud Foundry API and CLI that’s backed entirely by Kubernetes.

In this episode of TFiR Demo, Chris Clark, Program Manager at the Cloud Foundry Foundation and Ram Iyengar, Chief Evangelist of Cloud Foundry Foundation will show some of the exciting features of Korifi.

If you want to showcase your technologies on TFiR, just reach out to me. I’ll see you at KubeCon!