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Discover Kubernetes Security Best Practices With Cloud-Native Security Hub


Sysdig has made the Cloud-Native Security Hub available in the open today. The Cloud-Native Security Hub is a repository for discovering and sharing Kubernetes security best practices and configurations.

The Sysdig open source team introduced the project this summer, and the company will donate the project and supporting resources to the Falco open source community.

Falco is the open source Kubernetes runtime security project originally started by Sysdig and since Oct. 2018, it has been a CNCF Sandbox Project. Today, the hub hosts Falco rules for Kubernetes control plane, popular container images, and detection rules for container-related vulnerabilities.

During the next phase, the hub’s scope will extend to include rules and configurations for other Kubernetes security tools. The goal of the hub is to give developers quick access to validated rules that will result in more secure Kubernetes environments, the company added.