After reviewing the JEDI Cloud proposals from Microsoft and Amazon, the US Department of Defense (DoD) has announced that it is standing by its decision to award the $10 billion, decade-long JEDI cloud contract to Microsoft only.

In October 2019, Microsoft originally won the cloud contract to provide enterprise level, commercial Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) to support the Pentagon’s business and mission operations.

While Amazon was being considered as the frontrunner for the hotly contested defense deal, Microsoft emerged victorious in the final round.

Later, work on the JEDI project was halted in February by a federal judge on Amazon’s complaint. The cloud giant said that it should have won the deal based on merit.

However, the Pentagon on Friday reaffirmed its initial decision awarding the contract to Microsoft as it continues “to represent the best value to the Government.”

Also, the DoD acknowledged that the work is still on pause due to a court-ordered injunction.

In a press release, the Department explained: “While contract performance will not begin immediately due to the Preliminary Injunction Order issued by the Court of Federal Claims on February 13, 2020, DoD is eager to begin delivering this capability to our men and women in uniform.”

Amazon accuses Donald Trump of politically weaponizing the contract due to his hostility towards AWS and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos. AWS said that “Instead of cooperating, the White House exerted a ‘presidential communications privilege’ that resulted in senior DoD officials not answering questions about JEDI communications between the White House and DoD. This begs the question, what do they have to hide?”

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