Dremio has announced its cloud-native SQL-based data lakehouse service, Dremio Cloud. Dremio Cloud enables organizations of any size to leverage a no-copy open data architecture that eliminates the need to copy data into expensive and proprietary data warehouses.

Dremio Cloud reimagines the traditional data lake by combining the best of traditional data warehouses and data lakes into a SQL lakehouse, while removing the limitations of traditional data warehouses resulting from closed data architectures. Dremio Cloud enables high performance SQL workloads directly on cloud storage, eliminating the cost and complexity of copying and moving data.

While most data lake engines take weeks or months to get into production, a user can be up and running with Dremio Cloud in five minutes. The automatic onboarding option quickly and securely establishes the necessary connection to the user’s AWS account, allowing data consumers to connect via their favorite tools and instantly start querying data. Dremio Cloud users have no software to install, configure or upgrade, and no infrastructure to size, manage, and monitor.

Dremio Cloud is not only easier for data teams, but also for data consumers such as analysts and data scientists. It includes Dremio’s patent-pending query acceleration technologies (C3 and data reflections), a semantic layer, and native single-sign-on (OAuth 2.0) connectors in Tableau and Power BI. Companies can run production BI workloads directly on their cloud data lake and data scientists can benefit from high-throughput access to resultsets via Apache Arrow.

Dremio Cloud was designed for the analytic workloads of all companies, ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to early-stage startups.

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