Dremio, the open data lakehouse, has expanded its partnership with Privacera, the open-standards based data security governance company founded by the creators of Apache Ranger. Their latest integration expands advanced data governance and security capabilities for customers building modern data applications on top of data lakehouses.

With the new integration, joint customers can now accelerate secure and governed analytics by reducing manual efforts while automating strict compliance for modern data collaboration, which is particularly relevant in highly regulated industries, such as financial services.

The enhanced integration provides the following capabilities for joint customers:

  • Ensuring performance and scalability: The native integration enables fast query performance and scalability by pushing down policies authored in Privacera into Dremio.
  • Leveraging advanced data security and governance capabilities: The connector gives organizations the ability to do fine-grained Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC), discovery for tagging and data classification, row-level filtering and masking, data encryption, centralized auditing, and canned reports.
  • Applying consistent policy management across Dremio and most hybrid and multi-cloud data sources: Customers can now define and enforce data access policies and data classification one time, and deploy anywhere.

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