Berlin-based IoT communication platform provider EMnify has launched its Cloud Connect service in 20 AWS Regions worldwide.

As an AWS Partner in the AWS Partner Network with AWS IoT Competency, EMnify integrates edge devices into the cloud, so enterprises can operate and secure any number of devices.

Using AWS Transit Gateway, EMnify Cloud Connect establishes an intra-cloud connection between IoT devices and application and services running on AWS, allowing two-way device communication to take place without being exposed to the public Internet.

With this launch, EMnify simplifies secure private networking of cellular-connected devices for AWS users worldwide, addressing two common challenges faced in IoT today: security and remote access.

The Cloud Connect setup only takes a few minutes using the AWS Management Console and extends the AWS virtual private cloud (VPC) transparently with a virtual private mobile network spanning over radio networks globally. Using only private IP addresses, device data is then encrypted and transmitted from the mobile network over the AWS Global Backbone to the respective enterprise Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) region.

The EMnify Cloud Connect service is available in all commercial AWS Regions that support AWS Transit Gateway inter-region peering.

Enterprises who want to test the Cloud Connect service can sign up on emnify.com and get a free evaluation kit including three EMnify SIM cards.

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