Rookout, the production debugging platform, has announced Agile Flame Graphs to provide developers with a fully visualized understanding of how their code is impacting other applications and services.

It empowers developers to instantly analyze the performance impact of individual lines of code, by bringing distributed tracing data into the debugging workflow.

Rookout’s Agile Flame Graphs collect only the most useful data across applications, such as CPU consumption and latency between microservices, then visualizes it in an easily accessible manner.

“Until today, developers were blind to the performance of this code in production environments, due to the significant performance overhead of profiling tools,” said Liran Haimovitch, CTO and Co-Founder of Rookout. “Agile Flame Graphs allow software engineers to select a section of code and instantly visualize the latency between functions and individual lines of code, within and across distributed systems.”

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