Kong Inc. has rolled out a fully managed service that enables large organizations to adopt the Kong Enterprise API platform at scale. Called Kong Cloud, the service is said to accelerate large organizations’ digital transformation by helping them to build cloud-native services and connect cloud and on-prem environments.

Kong Cloud benefits from Kong Enterprise’s management and monitoring capabilities to provide an end-to-end API platform, including a developer portal, security features and API traffic analytics, at cloud scale.

With Kong Cloud, organizations get zero-touch updates, immediate delivery of new product functionality, and improved uptime and availability through localization of APIs across regions. This helps enterprises speed up their move to multi-cloud strategies without sacrificing security or availability, or risking vendor lock-in.

“Kong Cloud gets organizations up and running on Kong quickly and ensures they’re benefitting from its most sophisticated features as soon as they’re available. What we’ve learned from running Kong at scale is also being contributed to open source Kong, ensuring faster evolution of the platform available to any developer, anywhere,” said Augusto Marietti, CEO and co-founder of Kong Inc.

Kong Cloud is available immediately and may be deployed on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or any other cloud platform.

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