Pivotal has launched a Kubernetes-based multi-cloud function-as-a-service product that runs on both private and public clouds and on-premises.

Called Pivotal Functions Service (PFS), the solution is claimed to be the first commercial packaging of the Knative project – an open source initiative led by Google, Pivotal, and others. PFS provides enterprises with the same developer and operator experience on every cloud, public or private.

It’s not only event-oriented with built-in components but also developer-centric with cloud native buildpacks which detect dependencies and automatically build your functions into runnable artifacts, explained Onsi Fakhouri, Senior Vice President, Cloud R&D of Pivotal, in a blog post.

Other features include the software-defined-networking layer that handles all the route adjustments with no disruption, native eventing components that enable composable, reactive systems, and easy installation on any Kubernetes environment.

Eric Brewer, VP of Infrastructure and Google Fellow, said: “Pivotal has been a leading contributor to Knative since its founding. We are pleased to support the announcement of PFS leveraging Knative components as an outcome of our open- source collaboration.”

PFS is now available as an alpha release.

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