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Fermyon Spin 1.0 Helps Developers Build WebAssembly Serverless Functions


Fermyon Technologies, the serverless WebAssembly company, has introduced Spin 1.0, a major new release of the world’s first serverless functions framework based on WebAssembly. With support for SQL databases, NoSQL key/value storage, OCI registry support and a variety of popular languages, Spin 1.0 meets the needs of today’s full stack developer. A developer can get started with Spin, going from blinking cursor to deployed serverless function in 66 seconds.

Spin is the simplest framework for building, deploying and running fast, secure and composable cloud microservices with WebAssembly. Built with a serverless API (like AWS Lambda and Azure Functions), Spin applications are not only quick to deploy but are easy to build as well. Microsoft has integrated Fermyon Spin into its cloud offerings and other software vendors are in the process of integrating it into their offerings.

On top of its already voluminous feature set, new features in Spin 1.0 include:

  • Key-value store, PostgreSQL and Redis integration enabling stateful applications
  • Support for the OCI Registry standard enabling standard packaging alongside Docker images
  • Support for today’s most popular programming languages including Javascript/Typescript, Python, Rust, Go, Java and .NET
  • Substantial command stability improvements for a better developer experience
  • Extensibility including plug-ins and trigger(s) for expanded application scope
  • End-to-end testing enabling confidence in code completion and stability

Fermyon will be showcasing Spin 1.0 at WASM I/0 2023.