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Grafana Labs Acquires To Help Users With Observability Data


Grafana Labs today at its annual ObservabilityCON announced the acquisition of, whose technology will help Grafana Cloud users better understand their observability data and find issues more quickly, from the infrastructure to the application layer.

The company also announced the general availability (GA) of the Application Observability solution in Grafana Cloud, its fully managed observability offering, and Grafana Beyla, the eBPF-based application auto-instrumentation open source project that allows users to get started with application observability faster. provides out-of-the-box insights into relationships over time among various system components, enabling users to better understand and navigate their applications and infrastructure. serves as a contextual layer for Prometheus metrics and provides an opinionated set of alerts and dashboards so that users can more efficiently perform root cause analysis and resolve issues more quickly.

​​”Over the past two years, the biggest needs we’ve heard from our customers have been to make it easier to understand their observability data, to extend observability into the application layer, and to get deeper, contextualized analytics,” said Tom Wilkie, CTO of Grafana Labs. “The GA of our Application Observability solution in Grafana Cloud, plus the Asserts acquisition, are big steps toward meeting those customer needs and providing an easier-to-use, integrated, and opinionated user experience.”

Grafana Cloud Application Observability – which is available to all users of Grafana Cloud, including the forever-free tier – provides SREs and developers an out-of-the-box experience to accelerate root cause analysis and minimize mean time to resolution (MTTR) of complex application problems. With its native support for both OpenTelemetry and Prometheus, Application Observability helps organizations looking to avoid vendor lock-in.

To help users get started with application observability faster, Grafana Labs launched the open source project Grafana Beyla, which is now GA. Often, instrumenting an application for observability requires adding a language agent to the deployment or package, manually adding tracepoints, and then redeploying. By deploying Beyla as a daemon set in Kubernetes, you can instrument all services of the OpenTelemetry demo with a single command, without modifying source code.