KasadaIQ for Fraud Enables Enterprises To Get Ahead Of And Defend Against Attackers


Kasada today announced KasadaIQ, its new suite of attack prediction services. The first service in this suite — KasadaIQ for Fraud — supplies actionable signals, collected across millions of points across the Internet, for businesses who need insight into how bots target their digital channels and customer data. With Kasada’s visibility into non-traditional data sources and adversary communities, KasadaIQ for Fraud provides a market-leading capability to detect attacks before they happen and confirm threats that would otherwise go undetected.

KasadaIQ for Fraud now allows organizations to predict and prevent fraud before it happens. This includes credential stuffing, which leads to Account Takeover (ATO) and other fraud that targets their online business to damage security, reputation, and bottom line.

With KasadaIQ for Fraud, the core functions incorporate discovery, alerts, and analysis with features such as:

  • Unconventional Sourcing: to obtain the most comprehensive signals for automated threats, Kasada monitors activity within non-traditional sources — including resale marketplaces, fraud groups, proxy providers, account generation groups, and hosting providers.
  • Early Warnings: Kasada’s analysts first identify and vet current and emerging threats within Kasada’s data system, then send out advance alerts.
  • Bot Acquisition and Analysis: Kasada secretly purchases bots in circulation and extensively analyzes how they work.
  • Stolen Credential Analysis: Kasada purchases and evaluates stolen credential sets from criminal marketplaces to help the customer remedy security gaps and online fraud.
  • Dedicated Analyst Hours: Customers receive a set amount of analyst hours for Kasada to investigate what’s most relevant to their needs, such as intel on fraud groups or reverse-engineering attacks.
  • Professional Services: Kasada will scope custom requirements and provide expert guidance on how to best achieve the desired outcomes.

Customized to monitor the unique threats that organizations’ face and backed by unmatched adversarial insight, KasadaIQ for Fraud enables companies to save money, protect brand integrity, and improve customer satisfaction.

Kasada plans to add future capabilities to this suite of attack prediction services.