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GXC’s Private 5G Network Solutions Give Control Back To Enterprises | Ben Posthuma, GXC


GXC delivers end-to-end solutions for private 5G networks, specifically focused on enterprise. Their solutions go from the core to the radio access network, tied together with their proprietary mesh network system which wirelessly connects the various RAN nodes. The company provides fast, scalable and flexible deployments for different enterprises.

In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, Swapnil Bhartiya sat down with Ben Posthuma, Head of Product at GXC, to discuss the company’s private 5G network solutions and why they are so well suited for enterprises. Posthuma says, “Instead of an enterprise owner taking a carrier network or even taking Wi-Fi, which is less strongly managed than a 5G network, they can take our 5G capability and really tailor that and orchestrate that specifically to the needs of their organization.”

Key takeaways from this video interview are:

  • With private 5G networks, you have the ability to slice the network to provide different priorities to different applications and tools. This is particularly significant for the manufacturing industry, which is one of GXC’s key verticals.
  • Private 5G networks give enterprises control over the latency of the network, the throughput, and the types of devices that are connected. Private 5G networks can be tailored to enterprises’ needs.
  • Whereas Wi-Fi is fairly ubiquitous with the number of devices you can connect to it and is not able to handle the large number of devices, private 5G networks can. Wi-Fi also cannot prioritize devices in the way private 5G networks can.
  • The built-in security that comes with the authentication practice of 5G ensures the right types of access with a high level of security. The enterprise owner is able to manage all the devices, the connectivity they get and what priorities they have.
  • Although cloud migration has enabled the ability to compute at a high level, there may be times when enterprises need some things at the edge. Enterprises may need to have everything local to secure their proprietary information. For instances where enterprises need some cloud access, GXC delivers an edge hybrid cloud platform.
  • GXC has been focussing on R&D on its mesh architecture, which it believes sets it apart from its competitors. GXC explains why their mesh architecture sets them ahead of other key players in the space.
  • GXC is launching its first core commercial product, GXC Onyx, which aims to give customers a fully virtualized network management platform to control the network. Further details on the platform and why it will help enterprises run and control their private 5G network are discussed.
  • GXC’s target audience are predominantly those within industry 4.0 use cases. The company is enabling smart factories or factories wanting to accelerate into industry 4.0 to build up the automation and connectivity across the enterprise.
  • GXC is augmenting its individual core competencies with partnerships. Some of the company’s partnerships act as the managed service provider to run and orchestrate the network for GXC’s customers, as not all enterprises want to run the network themselves.
  • GXC has launched its own podcast, GXC Meshup, which brings together industry experts and leaders to talk about various use cases, case studies and trends they are seeing across the industry. The company is also relaunching its website, which will provide a wealth of information on what the different technologies can mean for different enterprises.
  • GXC is sponsoring the Enterprise 5G East show in Atlanta on April 26th and 27th. They will be showcasing their radio hardware and GXC Onyx, and they will have demonstrations of their network. They will also be participating in the Big 5G Show in Austin, Texas in May.

Guest: Ben Posthuma (LinkedIn)
Company: GXC (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk
Keyword: Private 5G

About Ben Posthuma: Head of product at GXC – 20+ years in product development. Ben is primarily focused on the development of a fully-integrated connectivity environment where terrestrial communications such as LTE and 5G are seamlessly blended with current and next-generation satellite communications. Ben also has experience in architecting highly mobile and deployable 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks, integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge-based computing. He has proven success as Flight Test Director for airborne communications systems.

About GXC: GXC is delivering the future of 5G for Enterprise. GenXComm Inc. was founded in 2016 to commercialize years of research and development out of the University of Texas at Austin around dynamic filtering and radio frequency (RF)-photonics systems. Our mission is to deliver robust networks, fast connectivity, and on-demand services to enterprises and industry 4.0 customers across the planet.  Our core meshing technology strives to break through the limits of conventional microelectronics and signal processing technologies to deliver faster, more reliable and affordable networking solutions. This enables us to connect end user devices to the core network more efficiently and without the need to lay down additional fiber nodes.

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.