It’s happening. We are taking TFiR out of stealth mode and announcing its public launch. What is TFiR? It’s The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This current revolution is so transformative and disruptive that the previous three revolutions dwarf in comparison. It will change our society, our personal relationships, work culture, equality, distribution of power (distribution of wealth is a myth), education, healthcare…even our planet.

Our focus:

This revolution has two aspects: the destination (where we are heading) and the journey (how we are getting there). At TFiR we will be covering both. We will tell the stories about how machine learning, AI, robotics, bioengineering, and space technologies are transforming our world. We talk about the great vision and ideas people like Elon Musk have, and their direct impact on our culture and society.

That’s about the destination. Regarding the journey, we will tell stories of how we are getting there. We will talk about emerging technologies that turn those ideas into reality. Our focus will be on the infrastructure and enterprise technologies – cloud platforms, containers (Docker), container orchestration platforms (Kubernetes), and machine learning frameworks. That’s just a start.

Open Source at heart:

The reason we are excited about TFiR is that this revolution is going to be powered by emerging technologies which are primarily software driven. Tesla cars are known for their self-driving capabilities and not what kind of engine they use. They are essentially computers on wheels. Tesla is just one example.

The icing on the cake is that all of these software-driven technologies are being developed as open source. Open Source is the heart and soul of TFiR.

Why are we starting it?

We are aware of the challenges the publishing industry is in. Publications are shutting down. The publishing industry is stuck in the past with its legacy ad-driven model. A new model of “pay to play” has emerged, which is not good for the health of journalism. Paywalls are also not ideal. We will have a different model.

We are building TFiR as the next generation media company that aims to help both – the industries we cover and the media ecosystem itself. We will offer services to other media companies, enabling them to tell better stories in better ways. It’s all about building a healthy ecosystem.

What format of storytelling:

We will be telling stories in all three formats, pick your favorite: the written/traditional print stories, videos, and podcasts. We’ll share more details about our storytelling formats in an upcoming blog.

What kind of coverage will there be?

We have a very exciting plan, which we’ll share soon. What we can disclose now, is that news will be our major focus. So much is happening in this sector that it’s hard to keep tabs on it. We will do crisp Axios-style news stories – no fluff and bluff. We will release a newsletter each day where we provide a very tight briefing of the day.

In addition to news, we will be doing post news analysis, in-depth analysis, featured articles, reviews, tutorials, demos and much more. We will also have a contributor’s segment where experts from the industry can share their views in Op-Eds.

Here is a call for action:

We also need your help. If you are a PR agency or PR team of a company, feel free to get in touch and send us your releases. You can also take this survey which will help us fine-tune our coverage.

Thanks for reading, let the revolution begin!

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