Aspen Mesh from F5 Networks has announced an open public beta of its fully supported service mesh built on Istio.

For the uninitiated, Aspen Mesh is one of the first projects to come out of F5 Networks’ recently launched corporate incubation program. It aims to develop enhanced solutions to better support modern application services, regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

“DevOps represents two teams, Development and Operations, coming together to deliver better products more rapidly. Service mesh is a glue that helps unite these teams and provides one place in the stack that you can manage microservices at runtime without changes to the application or cluster,” said Shawn Wormke, Incubation Lead at Aspen Mesh.

“The result is a platform that empowers application developers to focus on their code and allows operators to more easily provide developers with a resilient, scalable, and secure environment,” he added.

Aspen Mesh builds on the Istio feature set by providing advanced policy and configuration options, analytics and alerting, multi-cluster/multi-cloud capabilities, an intuitive UI, and a fully hosted SaaS platform.

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