AR/VR is a topic we monitor closely at TFiR as it’s the future of GUI. Current AR/VR platforms leave a lot to be desired for someone who has experienced 5K content. But companies are working towards fixing that.

HP’s new virtual reality headset is in the works and may hit the market at some point this year. The headset, codenamed Copper, will be based on Microsoft’s Window Mixed Reality (WMR) platform. It will treat you with a high-res display.

According to a report by Road to VR, which got an exclusive preview of the device, this headset doesn’t share many features with HP’s original WMR headset released in 2017.

HP’s new Copper VR headset will also feature a more comfortable design diverging from the company’s previous models. It will boast a pixel-dense display with a resolution of 2160 x 2160 per eye. To draw a comparison with HTC Vive Pro and Samsung’s Odyssey+ headsets, they come equipped with a 1440 x 1600 pixels-per-eye display.

Copper will reportedly be targeted for business use. However, it will be made available to consumers too.

There’s no mention of any specific release date by HP for its new headset. But Road to VR said in its report that it was nearing completion.

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