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HTC VIVE Brings Free VR Meetings For Businesses


HTC has launched VIVE Sync remote collaboration and meeting app for businesses and remote employees. Now available in free beta, Vive Sync is an intuitive VR collaboration tool allowing internal and external teams to meet in a virtual space.

Supporting up to 30 attendees simultaneously, Vive Sync enables users to hold internal creative meetings, online classroom discussions, virtual press conferences or even remote sales presentations. Integrated with OneDrive, participants can share materials directly from their server such as video files, PowerPoint presentations, and 2D & 3D assets.

Using the Sync Avatar Creator mobile application, available on the App Store and Google Play, participants can create personalized and dynamic avatars built in their likeness to serve as their digital representation. With full body tracking, participant’s avatars communicate their actual body language, signaling to colleagues their full and undivided attention.

Vive Sync also supports Tobii eye tracking for more natural interactions with virtual colleagues or clients, capturing participants’ eye movements to bring meetings to life.

During the free open beta period, enterprises will have access to all features currently available in Vive Sync, including OneDrive Support, 3D Model Review, Custom Avatar Design, Personal Notes, 3D Drawing, Conference Tables and Auditorium Seating, and VIVE Ecosystem Support.

You may expect Vive Sync to add more features and services as part of its future upgrades. These include Expanded Hardware Compatibility, Host Controls, Record Sessions as well as Non-VR PC Participation.