In-Q-Tel (IQT), the US government agency linked not-for-profit investor, has chosen to invest in Weaveworks in order to help accelerate trusted application delivery and secure infrastructure operations within the US government. Beyond simply rewriting code, Weave GitOps, the full-stack GitOps platform, enables these agencies to manage their entire system across on-premise and GovCloud locations in a way that ensures security through repeatability and inherent controls.

In-Q-Tel also intends to introduce and maintain modern operations with continuous compliance across an undisclosed agency’s applications and multiple managed environments.

Government agencies are tasked with a particularly difficult mission bringing exceedingly complex applications into the modern world. Digital transformation programmes spend a lot of time configuring environments and rewriting code. Given the nature of these applications as much time must be spent on the security and data management requirements for those environments.

Modern cloud environments mean that security requirements and procedures have to be updated and applied in parallel to the migration of the applications into these environments. Due to the unique requirements of these Agencies the right controls and capabilities must be built in right from the start.

Over the past years, the industry has seen the most successful implementations where policy and compliance is included from the start of development and continues throughout the development cycle. By shifting the compliance and security tests to earlier in the development cycle we can reduce the cost of resolving them and speed up deployments – this is where GitOps comes in.

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