Enterprise cloud data management company Informatica has announced the availability of its serverless, Spark-based Cloud Data Integration engine that offers accelerated performance using the NVIDIA RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark with NVIDIA accelerated computing.

With this announcement, Informatica customers can accelerate their data management workloads and operationalize machine learning models using NVIDIA GPUs to ingest and process data up to 5X faster and at scale, enabling faster insights to make critical business decisions.

The accelerated computing made possible by NVIDIA GPUs and software has been used to improve the performance of compute-intensive AI and machine learning workloads, but traditionally required sophisticated Spark expertise and highly skilled developers.

Informatica’s simple drag-and-drop GUI-based development experience removes the complexity by converting simple mappings to sophisticated Spark code that can execute on GPUs at scale.

Informatica has been democratizing data access with its data integration products for years and is now pushing the frontiers by democratizing GPU access to data consumers at large, the company said.

By leveraging the power of GPU-accelerated software and computing, data management pipelines, MLOps and DataOps frameworks built on Informatica can deliver up to 72% TCO savings, allowing customers to accelerate their data delivery and realize huge cost savings.

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