Instana has announced support for the Rancher Kubernetes management platform. The latest release adds visibility into the orchestration management layer developed and deployed by Rancher.

Instana will now detect, identify and indicate Kubernetes clusters being managed by Rancher. DevOps teams using Instana alongside Rancher gain access to application performance management and orchestration management to operate mission-critical applications, the company said. Instana allows all application stakeholders, from IT Operations to development, to get the information they need to identify and fix any problems that may occur.

As customers leverage Rancher to bring a consistent management layer to their Kubernetes environments, Instana and Rancher are working together to do the same for performance visibility.

Instana automates application observability and monitoring for microservices deployed into a Rancher managed Kubernetes environment. When Rancher is present in the system, Instana shows Rancher in the technology stack, application map and Kubernetes dashboards, allowing users to drill into any Rancher managed Kubernetes environment.

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