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Intel Announces A Unified Developer Zone, oneAPI 2022 Toolkits and More


At its inaugural Intel Innovation event, Intel detailed key investments for developers, including an updated, unified and more comprehensive Developer Zone, oneAPI 2022 toolkits and new oneAPI Centers of Excellence. All are intended to improve access to resources and simplify development across central processing unit (CPU) and accelerator architectures.

To improve ease of access to reference designs, toolkits and other assets across AI, client, cloud, 5G/edge and gaming, the new resource provides developers with access to a consolidated Intel Developer Catalog of key Intel software offerings, as well as an improved Intel DevCloud development environment to test and run workloads on a variety of Intel’s latest hardware (CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs and accelerators) and software tools.

Intel is also preparing to ship oneAPI 2022 toolkits with 900 new features since it shipped last year. This new release adds cross-architecture software development capabilities for CPUs and GPUs through the first unified C++/SYCL/Fortran compiler and Data Parallel Python and expands Advisor accelerator performance modeling, including VTune Flame Graph to visualize performance hot spots and improves productivity through extended Microsoft Visual Studio Code integration and Microsoft WSL 2 support.

The company announced 11 new partners to deliver strategic code ports, additional hardware support, new technologies and services, and curriculum development to enable further ecosystem adoption of oneAPI.

These include Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of California Berkeley, University of Durham, and University of Tennessee, along with expansion of the Intel Graphics Visualization Institutes of Xellence to become oneAPI Centers of Excellence.