IronNet Cybersecurity, in collaboration with Nutanix, has announced its Nutanix Ready validated solution to deliver IronNet’s Collective Defense Platform on Nutanix environments.

In addition to the integration with Nutanix core software, the solution leverages Nutanix Karbon, the company’s Kubernetes management solution, to simplify deployment across public and private clouds and reduce management overhead of the Kubernetes cluster.

This enables customers to rapidly deploy and scale IronNet’s cloud-based solution for detecting and preventing sophisticated and damaging cyber attacks such as the recent SolarWinds/SUNBURST and Microsoft Exchange attacks.

Based on AI-powered behavioral analytics and NDR, IronNet’s Collective Defense platform detects unknown cyber threats that signature-based tools often miss and shares the related threat intelligence in real time within a secure community ecosystem.

Moreover, IronDefense enables customers to collect network traffic across private cloud, public cloud, and on-premise networks and apply IronNet’s behavioral detection and collective defense to their enterprise.

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